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Thursday, August 25, 2005

My friend David

My friend David is writing about Marc, the son of a VooDoo priest from Haiti. He's just started and Marc's story is just... I can't come up with a word good enough.

God has laid His Sovereign fingerprints all over Marc's life and the story is amazing.

David is blogging on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday about Marc and his ministry Haiti Arise.

Please join us in prayer for Marc and for David as this story is unfolded before our eyes and please visit David's blog for the installments of Marc's amazing journey.

God is so good.

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Rulan said...

Hi, I like the way you've set up your blog. Short and sweet, means I can read one whole post or more without having to stop and rest my eyes. Glad you mentioned my friends work. He'll be pleased the word is spreading. It is an amazing story. We have a wonderful Lord.
Blessings in the Lord.