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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Project Yellow

Robin has the coolest things on her blog.

She's been doing Project Yellow all week. I've been looking for yellow and there just isn't that much around here right now. So I made my own.

Stop by Anna Carson's blog for more.

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Pappy said...

Interesting bio. Oh, by the way, I didn't go Poltergeist. Got Southern roots? I've got some Indiana cousins. Their mother was originally from Mississippi. Thanks for dropping by earlier. Come back when you can.

~michelle pendergrass said...

You'd think I had southern roots, but near as I can figure, I'm all Yankee. Except my better half, that is and he's all cowboy.

Where are your Indiana cousins located?

Pappy said...

Napanee, Ft. Wayne. Cowboy is good.

~michelle pendergrass said...

Cowboy is good indeed.

Nappanee's in my back yard. We were just there last week. Took my son to Amish Acres for the maple syrup tour.

Ft. Wayne's a bit further, but still close.

I was born and raised just outside of Gary, Indiana. Lake Station to be exact. We're called Region Rats. I've yet to figure that out. LOL

Lilli & Nevada said...

That is very good. come see mine

Paulie said...

Now that's clever. . . Good one -- I could have done that but didn't. . . come and see!

Anna said...

VERY, VERY CREATIVE! I love it! I am so glad you are participating! I would say have fun with it but I see you already are!

Anonymous said...


I **heart** your creativity and cuteness!!! As you know, I've been bombarded with all things's like I've fallen and I can't get up!

But this? Makes me smile inside and out :).

Anna said...

I like it! I've been looking for yellow too with only some success... You're idea was great though!

~michelle pendergrass said...

Anna and Robin---you flatter me! I thought it was kinda stupid. For real. LOL I was taking the picture saying to myself, this is so lame. I don't have a banana or a flower or even a crayon worthy of a photo. I looked in my kitchen cabinets, my fridge, my bathroom.

I almost--I was *this* close to taking a picture of a stick of butter. LOL

Afterwards, while I was making dinner I found one very cool yellow thing. You'll have to come back tomorrow (even if Project Yellow ends, I'm posting it!)

And thanks Anna-2. :)

Unknown said...

I love the Project Yellow idea. Dang, I wish this week weren't so busy or I'd be all over it. I have some dying yellow tulips I'm looking at right now.

And Mich, that was very creative of you. :)