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Monday, February 11, 2008

The CVS ExtraCare thing

I saved 71% this week!

I'm going to give it a whirl.

Here's the progress of my first week.

If you want to know the how and why, check out Living Almost Large--I think she explains it way better than I could hope to at this point.

So last week we bought (Feb 3rd flyer):

  • (1) 3 packBritta filters for my pitcher
  • (4) Shower to Shower powder
  • (1) fabric softener
  • (3) dishwashing liquid
  • (1) bag cough drops

I spent a total of $32.91 and got back $9.00 in the ExtraCare Bucks (ECB's).

Granted, it may take us 3 months to use the filters, powder, and dishwashing liquid, probably a month for the fabric softener, but it is stuff that I use constantly.

I didn't buy anything that we don't normally use and I only bought the amounts I did to get the ECB's.

When I go back to CVS, I will be able to use manufacturer's coupons and pay with the ECB's I received.


I went back and got (still Feb 3 flyer)
  • (3) Speed Stick deodorants
  • (1) Garnier conditioner
  • (2) 75% off girlie lip glosses for part of a birthday present
  • (1) V05 Shampoo
  • (1) Gain laundry detergent
  • (1) 75% off after shave for Phil
  • (5) Boost Smoothies
  • (2) Reese's Cups singles
  • (1) Venus Razor w/5 blades
  • (1) Eyeshadow
  • (1) Valentine candy for Zane

After using ECB's, I paid $33.91 cash, got back $32 ECBs

The new CVS flyer started yesterday (Feb 10 flyer) so I looked it over and headed out to see what kind of damage I could do. I had $32 in ECB's from the last trip.

  • (3) Charmin 9-packs
  • (1) Bounty 8-pack
  • (5) 81mg Asprin
  • (1) Colgate White
  • (1) Spongebob Colgate for kids
  • (1) Excedrin Sinus/Headache
  • (3) Battery operated toothbrushes
  • (2) 8-packs of toothbrushes
  • (2) 2 litres of Diet Pepsi Max
  • (2) Milky Way fun size packs
My total was $51. I handed the cashier my manufacturer's coupons and my ECB's. My total was then $15.45 and I got $17.95 in ECB's back.

My running total looks like this:
Spent cash: 82.35
- ECB's rec'd: 58.43
$23.92! That's 71% off of my total spending!

I'd say this is well worth my time and effort.

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Unknown said...

Stocking up on things that don't go bad when they are on sale is a great way to save money. It's probably how I save money the most.

Toni said...

I'm so impressed Michelle! I'm a bargain shopper as well, but never have really taken full advantage of the CVS bucks. I'm going to check it out this week. Hey, I'm all about free!

MomOf4 said...

Wow! I need to start doing this!