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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kohler Faucets

Who knew there were so many Kohler Faucets? I'm forever pretending I'm getting a new house and have all the money in the world.

We went to an excellent restaurant in Effingham, IL called The FireFly Grill and I fell in love with this place like I have never before fell in love with the atmosphere of an eatery. This photo is from their site: It doesn't do justice to the place, though.

I used the facilities and found this awesome bathroom sink, made by none other than Kohler. Yeah, I supposed it's a bit odd to get excited over a sink...but, let's face it, I've been stoked over things weirder than a sink.

So. Here's my sink:

With one of these faucets, I can't decide which I like better:


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