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Friday, August 18, 2006

Jeremy Camp--TOMORROW in South Bend, IN!!!


Jeremy Camp

Beyond Measure and Don't Wait

Beyond Measure is Jeremy's latest offering and Don't Wait is his adorable wife, Adie's debut solo album. I'm really hoping both will perform tomorrow. (I pay good money to get my hair to match the color of hers! She's just beautiful!) Ok, so my picture over there doesn't reflect my color change, but honestly...I should've been born a redhead. I just sampled her album at her website I've never heard Adie sing before and I think she should let her husband know he's going to have some comptetion in my CD player. I think I heard him in the background. And I think I read that she's done background for him. God certainly matched Jeremy and Adie for a purpose! Oh, and those pictures on Adie's blog of the girls...ADORABLE!

I've been waiting for this album! I had the pleasure of seeing Jeremy Camp last year at the Pro-Life Music Festival last summer and he was just amazing. He invited his dad on stage and they did the most beautiful rendition of Jesus Loves Me--Chicago blues style. WOW. That was something. I wish I had a copy of that to listen to! I'm hoping his dad is with him again tomorrow in South Bend.

My friend and fellow Christian fiction writer (ACFW Indiana Chapter president as well), Cara is an attorney in the same city Jeremy's dad, Tom Camp, is pastor of Harvest Chapel I'm really hoping I can hop down to see Cara one weekend and attend a service. Maybe I'll get to hear that Blues harmonica again!

Another surprise blessing at the concert last year, was the lady on my side of the stage who was signing, yes...Communicating in sign language, the words of Jeremy's songs. She was dancing and singing and signing. I found myself not even able to look at the band. I was focused on this woman with such passion moving her hands in perfect rhythm to these songs that hold so much meaning and praise. It was as if everything around me had diminished. Zane wanted so bad to hear Jeremy sing "Wait" but he ended up falling asleep on the blanket I had spread on the grass. People were all around us dancing and trying to get closer to the stage while I stood straddled over my sleeping boy's body, protecting him with my stance above him. I lifted my hand in praise and that's when I noticed her. Stage right, with her hands raised. From that minute forward, I couldn't see anything else. She moved her hands faster with certain words and then drug them slowly through the air when Jeremy held a note.

The two songs I remember most vividly are "Breathe" and "Lay Down My Pride" I'm listening to "Breathe" right now and I can still see her moving her hands and arms with such grace and passion. Her facial expressions when she signed to "Lay Down My Pride" brought tears to my eyes.

I don't know if she's with Jeremy or with the Pro-Life Festival. I'm hoping she's with Jeremy so I can see the beauty of it all again tomorrow.

And Zane will certainly not fall asleep before he gets to see Jeremy...He's playing at around one in the afternoon.

(I just ran a spell check and it kept asking me if I want to replace "Jeremy's" with "germ's" LOL. Somehow Germ Camp just doesn't sound right!)


Robin said...

Blogger is acting v e r y w i e r must have updated to the new Beta version:/

~michelle pendergrass said...

Yes I did and I'm not real happy right now.

David Meigs said...

It sounds like you had a great time. I’ve not been to a concert or festival since I retired. Maybe it’s because I had to work. lol - I need to give it a try again.