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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worship at Church or Home?

I know the preferable answer is both. Meet with other believers at church and also live out your faith at home.

But what happens when a family doesn't have a church? What if they're in transition? What if they're ill? (There could be a thousand what if's.)

So the question de jour: Is it better to go to church once a week and do nothing else--OR-- not go to church and pray with your spouse every morning, study your Bible during the day, teach your children from the Bible throughout the week, and fellowship online with other believers?

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Monica @ Paper Bridges said...

yeah, both is good. We need each other. Accountability and all that.


~michelle pendergrass said...

BUT--what if doing both isn't an option?

Then what? said...

Michi, I clicked on this post from Google Reader just to read the comments!

Since I don't recall Jesus coming out of the desert for the 40 days I think it is safe to say God calls us away for a reason. Perhaps the trick is to recognize when it's time to re-emerge.

ALP, who is sure they are revoking her Baptist card this very moment.