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Friday, April 11, 2008

Project Yellow (Day 2 for me 6 for the project)

Mine from yesterday.

I searched and searched for yellow yesterday. I almost took a photo of a stick of butter. Then I saw my trusty Post-Its.

While making dinner, though, I happened upon my most wonderful yellow discovery thus far. Rum. Banana Rum. Mixed with pineapple juice. Mmmm.

Saved me from posting Spongebob and butter.

Stop by Anna Carson's blog for more.

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Cris said...

Nice! The previous post tells us so much how a different angle can change everything!

Anna said...


That would go perfect with what I am staring at right now....

White sands and umbrellas!

Want to come join me?

Oh and I am loving your sign you are including in your posts! I may have to link back here later!

Michelle Pendergrass said...

White sands and umbrellas sound absolutely divine. It's 60 here right now, but it's supposed to snow tomorrow!! Will winter never end?

I must go take pictures of the little hyacinth that could. He's bravely coming up from under the leaves I didn't rake last fall and if it snows on him, he deserves to be photographed!

Maybe I'll make the sign a signature Project Photograph thing. LOL

Carletta said...

A wonderful Project Yellow - a soft yellow. Also loved your previous post and then you tied it it - NICE!

christy said...

Very nice -- I especially like your first project yellow shot, too!

Kay said...

I guess I don't have much yellow around here either.
My Name is Russell Fink is right here in front of me and it's yellow. And there are a couple yellow flowers in my wreath. A painting my dd made of a sunflower. That's about it.

I love yellow, too. Maybe I need to add some more to my home.

Moksha Gren said...

I like the way you included yesterday's subjects in today's shot. I'm picturing this entire still-life spread in a field of yellow flowers or something tomorrow ;) Very cool picture.

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Heeeeeeey! I almost photographed butter on purpose! I thought it'd be fun (but I had too many other "yellows" so I gave it up).

Now THIS is some serious yellow...the good stuff...the fun stuff. Even if I've never tried it.

And the inclusion of the yellow hi-lighter? For some reason, that really "spoke" to's a darling addition.

Yes. I said "darling".


Michelle Pendergrass said...

Carletta and Cristy--Thanks!

Ooooh Kay. You need to do this. It will help with your 365 days of blogging. And I'll get to see more of your pictures!

Moska--Love that vision. If I had a field of yellow flowers right now, I'd be laying it! Or printing off the other yellows and letting the wind blow them so I could take wild shots.

Robin--You must take a photo of the butter. And Spongebob. LOL Darling? Dahling. We speak the same language, no? ;)

Toni said... about a picture of a carving of Spongebob done out of butter? Anyone..Anyone? lol