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Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm addicted. Project Yellow Day 2 for me, Take 2. Had to add more.

It's Robin's fault. Or Anna's. Or I'm just OCD and can't stop.
Now that I'd said I couldn't find yellow around the house except
Spongebob and butter, I have to eat crow.
Let's start at my desk.

Next stop--the Dining Room

Yes. The Star Wars picture is in the Dining Room.
We haven't hung it in Zane's room yet.
The Christmas Tree's still up, too. I'm only one person.

Next--The Living Room. I have one huge yellow wall, but it's supposed to be orange. I haven't painted the finishing yet. No. Shut up. I do NOT procrastinate.
The Post-It is crinkled because it flew away outside.
Keep reading. Or looking. Or both.

The first photo is a drawing of this one which is in my office.
Another in the set.

Zane couldn't figure out what I was doing.
I told him and he wanted to join in.

Then I went outside.

And found a few yellow things.
JACKPOT!! My Favorite. How many times have I looked
at this sign leaving my driveway?

And it was so windy, the sticky note flew into the woods.
And I stepped in a mud puddle.
But I was wearing my generic Crock's and they're
hot pink. So I can't show you my muddy foot.

And it kept going. I had to stop taking pictures to rescue it.

Finally, back home.
And lookie there.
Things just don't get by me, I tell ya.

Stop by Anna Carson's blog for more.

Yes. I have more for tomorrow.

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Anna said...

Hey Michelle! You are cracking me up! Pace yourself! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lego shot! I have two boys that are all over that! Nice and very creative.

I am glad that you have yellow on the brain (and on the blog)!

the teach said...

Michelle, I have yellow on the brain but I'm pacing myself. But everywhere I go I see yellow... I have a new one up at Answers to the Questions

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Pacing schmacing. LOL

If I pace I lose the creative edge. I let my mind run free when I find something like this that obsesses me!

Texas Travelers said...

That is a lot of serious yellow.
All really good too.

Don't burn out,

Mines up. come visit.

Robert said...

I absolutely love the handwritten "project yellow" note attached to most of your images. That was such a great idea.

Mike said...

Wow!!! You really got into Project Yellow. Love your blog and thanks for your visit. It is always fun to meet new fellow bloggers!

Anna said...

Love 'em all!

Carletta said...

Love these and your story made me smile!
See ya tomorrow!

Ana said...

All the pics are very beautiful.
But,I'm really curious about what is in that big glass in the Dining Room.

Congratulations on your blog.
Ana, from Brasil.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Ana, the big glass in the dining room is actually a little candle.

It's maybe six inches tall. I put it on my window pane to take that photo.

Debbie in NC said...

Hi, came from Anna via Carletta and I LOVE the way you did this! I laughed out loud at the thought of you at the SLOW sign. Did neighbors see you? Did you care?
WTG girl!

I am enjoying many of the Project Yellow photos! Thank you guys!

fishing guy said...

Michelle: You must have thought it was over and now you need to do some more. I guess you'll have to let your OCD guide you. Great post.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Donna--My neighbors are kinda spread out so I don't *think* they saw me. I wouldn't much care if they did. I'm always doing crazy stuff. LOL

But, one guy in a pick up did drive by and slow down. I was under the sign (almost on the ground) taking the some shots like the one I posted. He slowed down. ;)

Fishing guy--not a chance. I've got a whole slew left to post (even if today is the end!) LOL

dot said...

What a cute post with lots of yellows! Enjoyed it!

Lilli & Nevada said...

WOw you have outdone yourself here, i love the paper post so creative.
Love it.

Quilldancer said...

Your sign was like frosting! I smiled from 1st photo to last. Thanks!