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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kudos to Revolution Money Exchange and Ted Leonsis

I just posted about Paypal's new competitor Revolution Money Exchange because I thought it was cool that Paypal finally has someone to go head-to-head with.

Little did I know I would be linked on the front page of Ted Leonsis' blog. He's the Chairman of Revolution Money. And you should read this guy's Bio. Wow.

I like his "Filmanthropy." Check it out.

So Kudos for Ted (if he's doing his own blog) and/or his team (if they're helping out.) Either way, it's nice to be linked to unexpectedly. This is a good lesson in customer service for the Big Guys. I didn't post because I expected to get anything from posting. I signed up, my mom signed up and I figured that was about the extent of things. Maybe it sounds stupid, but Revolution Money has just earned my business because of a web link.

When I did direct sales, I studied how to go the extra mile for my clients and gratitude was always at the top of list. If I made one extra phone call and said, "Thank you. That's it, I don't want anything more from you other than this time it took for me to say I appreciate your business." I found out that those clients were loyal and they spread the word and I had a lot more business than I could have spent advertising dollars to get.

Great job Ted and Revolution Money!

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