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Monday, November 26, 2007

Biotene Trial

I received a sample of Biotene Sensitive toothpaste. Here's a grand photo of me trying out the goods:

I didn't mind trying the toothpaste. My teeth have been sensitive as long as I can remember. I cringe when I watch Phil take bites out of his ice cream. Bites! AHHH! There is no way my front teeth can touch anything cold like that! And it's not just ice cream, it's really anything too cold or too hot. I've tried other products but they've not worked, so I was a little skeptical about this toothpaste.

Biotene Sensitive is different because rather than masking the problems, it actually has ingredients to help solve the problem. They mix Potassium Nitrate with Biotene’s patented Enzyme LP3 Complex™ to form a unique toothpaste that helps protect your teeth against sensitivity while the enzymes help to heal bleeding gums and prevent gingivitis and oral infections.

I liked the way the toothpaste worked. They claim to have a great tasting product, but I beg to differ in that area. However, this is one of those situations you must make the dreaded trade-off. I've decided that in order for my teeth to feel better, I should use this stuff, but for my mouth to taste great, I either need to dab a little of my good tasting toothpaste in my mouth afterward or I need to get some good mouthwash.

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ValleyGirl said...

Hey, another trucker's wife! Hi there!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your words of encouragement. I actually removed the ice road post because we haven't officially informed our families yet of his decision (although they've known we were leaning in that direction ever since he got back last spring) and more importantly, his current BOSS doesn't know yet!! It'll likely reappear after Christmas, once he's given his notice.

You know, whenever you read or see shows about ice road truckers, they always tend to focus on the potential to end up in an 'icy, watery grave' but it's really not that scary. As long as the truckers follow the rules, that kind of thing doesn't happen. Last year, I think there was only one truck we knew of that broke through the ice and that was because the driver was right at the edge of the road. Right where all the cleared snow is sitting and weighing heaviest on the ice. The trucks are supposed to stay in the centre of the road and those roads are wide enough that even meeting another semi head-on is no excuse for travelling along the edge.

(My hubby can bite ice cream too and I shudder every time!!)