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Friday, August 10, 2007

For Robin: Truck driving stories

For Robin, author of one of my favorite blogs... (who would make a great Misfit) LOL

Here's at least one truck driving story for you. Maybe I'll re-live those days a bit next week.


Robin said...

I now have a blush on you more than EVAH (blog + crush)... A post for lil' ol' me??? I'm touched (hehe, in more ways than one! ;) ).

We just got home from a family night out and everyone has gone to their corners...mine is quiet and lovely and a nice moment to skim Bloglines; I saw yours illuminated and thought "I just read her earlier today," but I clicked anyway...glad I did :).

Off to read your trucking story (and thanks!).

** heart **

Your Misfit Wannabe

Jenny said...

Great story, Michi. Sorry I missed it the first time. I can just see you there leading that convoy especially after seeing you with Jen's big truck:-)