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Monday, June 11, 2007

Writing News!

I've been waiting to announce this, maybe I did at one time and I can't remember--who knows? I don't think I did.

I accepted a volunteer position as Baptist Editor at BellaOnline. I've been writing articles for a little while now and enjoying it.

The other news is that BellaOnline has decided to start up a literary journal with yours truly serving on the editorial board's fiction team!! The tentative title for the journal is The BellaOnline Review. I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of this!

If you've never heard of Bella, I'm surprised. They're ranked as the number two women's website in the world. Guys, don't let that stop you--there are some male editors and it looks like we'll be accepting submissions from both genders for the journal.

I'll post more as things develop!


Heather said...

Seriously, Mich? How fun is that going to be! Do they give you a red Sharpie?

Elaina said...

Awesome, Mich. Congrats!

Jenny said...

Oh MIchi! I'm so stinkin' happy for you! Whoo Hoo! (I'm dancing around here and my dogs think I'm crazy--but then they've never met you!)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Hey! Empty your email mailbox...I'm trying to email you and there's a permanent failure because your box is full...LOL

Robin said...

N i c e..those volunteer gigs often lead to biggah and bettah :).

Did I just say "gigs"? Shoot me now!

chrisd said...

That's great Michelle! Congratulations!

Eliza said...

Very, very cool, Michelle! Keep us informed about the lit review, too, eh? Also, this is my first visit here, and your layout is very, very nice. ;-)

-Eliza, from RWN