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Monday, June 11, 2007

Going Granola on You. Watch Out!

My friend, Kimmie, gave me some homemade yogurt and told me how to make it. Jen and I sampled it last night and decided it tastes better than any store bought yogurt we've ever had and we'll never be able to go back to store bought after tasting this stuff.

So I put on my first batch last night, just put it in containers and got it in the fridge a few minutes ago!

I finished off what Kimmie gave me, added some blackberries to it and man--that stuff rocks! Jen and I and the kids are going strawberry picking today. We'll freeze them, maybe make some homemade preserves out of some and probably eat a whole bunch!

Next month is blueberry season. Then after that we'll be canning tomatoes. I knew I could get crunchy, but who knew I'd have partners in crime!?


Heather said...

Ooh, we're so setting aside some time while I'm up there to make some. I love homemade from scratch stuff.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

No need to set aside time! It didn't take very long and I'll probably have some made.

You keep making new batches from the old. So if I keep out a cup of this batch, I use it to make the new stuff.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Yeah, that stuff was good. I want to make some this week. With fresh strawberries. Yummy!

Elaina said...

Sounds, yummy! I wish I had the energy to do anything homemade right now. Mac & cheese...I can handle that. :) But that's about it.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Recipe please :)

Jenny said...

Oh I've got to try this when I get there. We have a morning yogurt routine at my house. The dogs lick the lid, I eat all but the last to bites, which I feed them by the spoonful, and then they get to clean out the container. Guess I'll have to get disposable containers for the homemade stuff, huh?
Can't wait--and BTW, I love blueberries but when are the blackberries in season? I can't remember but they were so good--that part I remember!