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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Review This Post

Yes, I probably sound like that commercial that's nonstop on all the channels, eh? Well this is the last one for today. :) There is yet another new blog marketing opportunity from PayPerPost. I know some people are leery of trying to make money with their blogs, they’re skeptical and I understand. I used to be that way, too.

It's called Review My Post, here's the fun little button.

The way I understand things, you add the code for the Review My Post button to all of your blog posts, even if you don't take sponsored ads from PayPerPost, you can still earn money with this little opportunity.

So, you've got the button on all of your posts and let's say I'm not a member of PayPerPost, I click on it and sign up and a special opportunity is created for me to write a review of your post. It could be a post about about sledding, your grandma, or your precious new puppy, whatever the case, I would get money for writing that review and you would get money because I wrote about what you would blog about anyway. How cool is that?

So click here: Sign up, review this post and let's both make some money!

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chrisd said...

I might look into this. Hmmmm