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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Back in November, I posted about my attempt to make money blogging I've taken many opportunities with a company called PayPerPost.
They're labeled "Reviews" but I think I'll start labeling them "PPP" Not that you really need to know that.

When I started, I promised I'd take the opportunities that either I knew something about or that seemed to pertain to our lives. I've stuck to that turning down some reviews that I didn't think fit into the scope of this blog. For example, there was a chance to earn money by posting about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. While I'm not entirely opposed to the magazine or the special edition, I didn't think it was something that should go here, on a site that I use to talk about my family and about writing Christian fiction.

PayPerPost has rolled out some changes that are beneficial to their "Posties" (people who blog the opportunities). One is something called segmentation that allows high traffic blogs big-buck opportunities, we're talking $1000 opps! In case you're wondering, my blog is mid-level, so no, I'm not making $1000 for this post. They've also upped the maximum posts per day someone can make from two to three. Another change is that bloggers must disclose their paid posts. Which is no big deal with a little graphic like this: ~count that as my disclosure for this post.

So what's the verdict? Tune in next time to find out how much money I've made.

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