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Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm doing some blog reviews for this company, PayPerPost, and I'm supposed to talk about what I love. I'm very new, as a matter of fact, my blog just got approved this morning so I have little to no experience with them. I will post what I know and that is that I've received a great deal of help from people associated with the company.

A message board friend talked about how much she loved working with them and that's how I found them. I and two others from the message board applied at the same time and the two were approved very quickly while I waited. I don't exactly know what the glitch was, but I was directed to the company's message board and helped immediately. I was discouraged because I thought it was a great opportunity, and I was assured by others who have been blogging that they're a great company and I'm finding that to be true. I was treated professionally and helped instantly. I might be a little on the impatient side and I'm definitely skeptical, but when so many people are telling you to hang in there, you know something must be good.

While I was feeling a little less than happy at waiting so long for this blog to get approved, I found out that once I opened my mouth and said there was a problem, it was taken care of promptly. I'm liking that.

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