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Thursday, June 9, 2005

Old Friends

I kinda like that Image hosted by

Recently a friend from elementary school on through high school, Marsha, emailed me and we're catching up. I like finding out that we have so much in common (and we're 'sisters') Image hosted by

And just tonight, a great-best-friend from high school, Ed, emailed me. This was a surprising one because Ed didn't graduate from my high school. I was friends with a couple people from a neighboring high school. Friends. That's quite a light term if I remember things correctly. There was a group of us who did everything together, all of the time. There wasn't a minute that went by that we didn't know the exact schedule of the other (and that was WAY before cell phones!)

*waving* Hi Marsha and Ed! Welcome to my world! Grab a cup of joe and sit back awhile. Image hosted by


Becca said...

I just have a basic Classmates account, so I can't see anyone else's email address. I think I'll check out the cost next year when hubby has graduated 'cause I think about old friends often.

TL Hines said...

It's fun to re-connect with folks you haven't seen for a long time; I just had a reunion last year. My one gripe with is the constant flood of email they send me: "See who's visiting your profile!" "See how many new friends have joined!" "See new photos of your friends!" "See the secrets of the Universe!" And it's all possible, if only I'd UPGRADE TO GOLD!