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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camping Coffee Dilemma

We've never bought a coffee maker specifically for camping, but I think it might be time to look into one. We normally just pack some instant coffee and boil water on the campfire. But people, instant coffee sucks.

I did try Starbucks new Via instant. It's good. But it's expensive.

And we drink a LOT of coffee.

I was thinking French Press. Like this one. Unbreakable.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Warnings? Seems like a French Press would be wonderful for camping.
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lailani said...

Non work days means Starbucks for hubs (I am not sure I can drink non starbucks any more!) and that includes camping. He enjoys seeing it percolate over the fire, so he bought a simple silver percoltor and takes his starbucks. We also have a 40 oz. Thermos made thermos and he makes enough early in the morning to last all morning - the thermos really does keep hot.

I am starting to feel and itch to camp - this heat needs to go away soon! ;)

heather said...

We have a basic camping percolator that works excellently. I love camping coffee!

Kat Heckenbach said...

Hehe....camping for us means a travel trailer with a regular coffee maker, so, nope, can't help ya. But I'll think about you when I'm sipping my fresh-brewed organic breakfast blend in the air-conditioned kitchen of our camper ;). Yeah, say that's not "real" camping. I won't argue, but it works for me! :D

Kay Day said...

I don't camp.
I don't drink a lot of coffee, so I got rid of my coffee maker because of the space. I got one of those filter holders that you set on your cup and pour hot water into. Works wonderfully. You might try one of those. Not as likely to get broken.