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Thursday, July 29, 2010


What a little beauty! Meet my hibiscus bonsai--outdoor bonsai. It loves the porch and needs the seasonal changes. Water daily in spring, summer, and fall then bury with leaves in a corner or for extremely cold climates take into the garage or basement for winter.

The ceramic pot is so pretty, the picture hardly does it justice.

The blooms are constant and just gorgeous. Sitting on my porch swing, sipping sweet tea, admiring the delicate little flowers of such a hearty bonsai...amazing.

Bonsai means "little trees in pots" and is recognized as an international art form.

A little art tree for the artist in me.

Thank you ProFlowers!


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1 comment:

Kay Day said...

At our last house we had a big bush. I've always called it Rose of Sharon, I had no idea it was a type of Hibiscus. It seems more exotic, now.
Mine was the exact color of yours. My mom has purple.