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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweetbird SweetUp and Twitter Party

Sweetbird is one cool little dude.

As you can see, he likes to surf but I don't think he surfed here from the UK.

He owes two pair of shoes but only one sock.

He has issues with flying (but we don't talk about it.)

He's making his debut appearance in the US! He's a busy little bird this coming weekend.

He'll be in Nashville, TN on February 4th and in Valparaiso, Indiana February 6th.

It's a SweetUp!! Be one of the first in the US to meet Sweetbird! Meet us at Uptown Cafe in Valparaiso at 6pm for an exclusive tasting of Sweetbird products and lots of giveaways.

It's a Twitter party, too!! If you don't live near Nashville or Valparaiso, join us on Twitter Saturday February 6th at 6pm central time. Use the Hashtag #SweetbirdUSA.

There will be prizes both online and at Uptown Cafe!!

RSVP here in the comments. We'd love to have see you at Uptown or talk with you on Twitter!!

Sweetbird is Vegan and Vegetarian certified. No high fructose corn syrup. Non-GMO. Nothing but natural!!! How very refreshing.

Some tips:

Follow SweetbirdUSA on Twitter.

Follow UptownCafe on Twitter.

Follow me on Twitter.

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Mimi's Toes said...

I am planning on coming. Sounds like a Sweet time!

Ann said...

I will be Tweeting:



crystal said...

im coming hopefully'


Anonymous said...

@BreezyLouMom will be there! I am also posting this party on my blog with a link back here, maybe we can get some more participants for ya!

@letsgolakers086 said...

i will be there =] can't wait! @letsgolakers086