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Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Reviews--Lightscoop

Lightscoop is a smallish device that fits on top of your camera to block ugly pop-up ugly-flash syndrome. Lightscoop reflects your pop-up flash's light behind and around you allowing the light to bounce off nearby walls. Ugly flash looks like this:The above photo was taken before I received my Lightscoop. I'd say it shows a desperate need.

It's difficult to convey my excitement about the Lightscoop--if you could see me, you'd know I have a huge smile on my face and when I'm taking photos and using it, I'm a little (ok. A lot) giddy. Just ask my sister. She witnessed it firsthand.

When my niece, Madyson, (Not Madisyn. Not Madeline. Madyson. I am the world's worst Aunt because I cannot get my niece's name right) was born, I drove to my sister's to do some family photos.

What I like most about the Lightscoop, especially for taking pictures of newborns, is you can get right up in their face without disturbing them.

One thing I get uncomfortable with when taking photos is making someone else uncomfortable. I've taken a sleeping baby's picture with the harsh flash and the poor little things jump and squint and wake up and it's all a very disturbing process. The Lightscoop made me feel very good about letting my niece remain peaceful during this photo shoot.

Without Lightscoop:

With Lightscoop:
Low light, no flash, before Lightscoop:
With Lightscoop:
It does help to be in a smaller sized room when using Lightscoop as it needs the walls to reflect the light back onto your subject. I'm just getting to know this tool, I've only had it about a month, but from what I have experienced so far? For $35--it is WELL worth it to keep it near in your camera bag.

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heather said...

I need this! I'll have to save up for it. Christmas always drains us!