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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday Reviews-Quo Vadis Jounal 21 Planner

I understand this is a long post about a calendar. I know your time is valuable. You must understand how obsessed I am with calendars,though, and how there's always a story with me.


The real deal is this:

I received a Barnes and Noble gift certificate from my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas (celebrated at Thanksgiving in Missouri) and when I got home, I got very excited about using it for my new calendar.

Confession: I'm a calendar freak.

I have too many right now. Way too many. But they bring me happiness so don't judge. Especially new calendars.

And I'm extremely picky.

So particular that I will spend hours researching. Then I will spend more time physically looking and touching and flipping through the pages.

Two years ago, I found the Quo Vadis Visual Planner. The pages were so smooth. The monthly calendar's lines were black ink and the days were blue. Just enough of a difference to make them pop and totally not gaudy and hard to look at. Actually, very soothing on my eyes.

The corners are perforated and I discovered I like that better than tabs sticking out everywhere. I also like the feeling of accomplishment when I tear off one. (Hush. I don't care if I sound silly!) It's true!

I fell in love.

Last year, I went back to Barnes and Noble and they didn't have my Visual planner. But they did have another style by Quo Vadis. Journal 21.

I had to explain to my first love, The Visual, that Journal 21 offered me a WHOLE page per day to doodle, brainstorm, do Visual Prayers, memorize Scripture, plan my daily Bible reading, makes notes about submissions for The Midnight Diner, take notes about holidays and what to do different the next year, take notes at conferences, oh the WHOLE page per day really made me happy.

Journal 21 (2009) had a yearly planner so I could keep track of upcoming events and save dates.

What it didn't have was a January 2010 page which disappointed me greatly--but it did not stop me from making another trip to Barnes and Noble with my gift card for my brand-spanking new, blank, ready for me to fill out and have all kinds of crazy happiness, 2010 Quo Vadis. And I was open to new styles. Just in case there was a better one.

Barnes and Noble, you ruined it for me. There was not a single Quo Vadis in the store. Granted, it was the first week of December, but hello? OCD planners like me need you to have them ready. We are not procrastinators. We want to fill out January and February.

So I came home with a stupid planner-thing from Target. And the first thing I did was get online and open eleventy-thousand tabs searching for my beloved Quo Vadis.

Then heaven opened up and sang a glorious song of planning.

Quo Vadis has a website.
A blog.
A Twitter (a Twitter!!)
A Facebook page.

And my planners. MY planners. I swear they were designed for me and me alone.

And just when I thought things were at their best, something even better happened. But I can't tell you about that just yet. (That's called a cliffhanger in writer-speak.)

Quo Vadis sent me a me a Journal 21 to review as well as a Habana notebook (that review is scheduled for later in the month.)

So I got my Journal 21 and guess what?! There is a January AND February 2011 monthly page!! Now--now I am complete. Seriously.

Every.single.thing. I want in one planner.

Surely you can find something you love.

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lailani said...

Ahhh, the wonderful simple pleasures of being an adult! Let your planning/scheduling/journaling/doodling begin!

Anonymous said...

I want one of these!! Are they expensive? Oh wait, I'll just check out their website :)

Angie Poole said...

For the love, Michi.

I am such a dayplanner freak. That's all I needed was ANOTHER system to check out.

Will let you know how it goes.

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

That's a cool looking planner! I browsed their site and they do have lots of good stuff. I'm real bad, though, about starting to use a planner but not sticking with it very long. I'm the type of person that WISHES she could stick with a planner, had half a reason to need to USE a planner, convinces herself to buy the planner because she really will use it this time, and then forgets about it a few weeks later. I can't stick to using a journal either.
Oddly enough I LOVE the feel and smell of new books. The smooth paper, the many boxes and blanks just waiting to be filled in, the open promise of the blank pages. *sigh* Would it be weird to wish I were more type A?

samantha said...

I have that on my list for NEXT year! :-) Thanks for the glorious review.