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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Odds of Luck

They're pressed in many books I have no intention of ever discarding. Given to me on such a regular basis, I took for granted their rarity.

She'd tip-toe through my yard as if walking a tight-rope, even though the yard was nothing but weeds and rocks. She'd bend in half like a ballerina and go right to them, they must have been whispering her name.

She's been gone almost fifteen months now, but I still see her petite frame walking towards me, her small arm extended, her thin hand bent slightly, and between her long fingers--another four leaf clover for me, "Look! A 'prise!" she'd sing. Never a "suprise" always a 'prise. Always.

The odds of finding a 4-Leaf clover is estimated at 10,000 to 1.

And the odds of having such a best friend? There aren't enough stars in the sky. Love you Jill.

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heather said...

Another beautiful memorial to someone I look forward to meeting at the resurrection.

lmerie said...

What a beautiful post!
I did go and read your January post too. Sorry about your loss. It is interesing the things that bring back wonderful memories of people missed!

Monica @ Paper Bridges said...


some wounds will never fully heal

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Wow, Michelle that was so beautifully written. What an awesomec way to remember her.