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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Win Some Dirt!!

The Cotton Mom posted a comment here and I had to visit her blog. Who knew I'd be hooked from the minute I got there? I really wasn't sure if I should share her blog with you because I'm greedy and I don't want you to enter. But then I thought...which one of you actually likes the smell of dirt as much as me? Maybe Toni. I just don't know that anyone else does. I know Heather gardens, but I can't see her pulling up handfuls of dirt to her nose. Kay, maybe. I think I can see her liking the smell of dirt.

Anyhow. There's not that many of you. So here's what I said to her:

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the smell of good black dirt. Not sandy soil like up here near Lake Michigan–but when I lived in Missouri, oh WOW did I have the best earthy, deep, dark, black dirt there ever was. And I was barefoot and 8 months pregnant, belly dragging the ground on all fours digging in my garden.

And since it’s hunting season here, my husband has dug out the dirt scented dryer sheets. Don’t tell him that I stick my nose in the box to steal a sniff EVERY time I go to the laundry room.

My other favorite scents? Fresh cut grass, Lilacs, burning leaves, campfire, and leather.

And she's giving away Dirt!

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The Cotton Wife said...

Right back atcha with the whole "hooked" thing.

Does this make us Cyber Sistahs?

Except I have a black thumb...

Kay Day said...

I do! I do love the smell of dirt! It has to be in it's natural environment though. Not so sure I want my laundry to smell like it.
And your other favorites are the same as mine. I would add cinnamon and the mountains after it rains. The mountains here. Rain doesn't smell as good other places as it does here.
And the leather? preferably a tack shop, not a coat shop. but either is good.

Kay Day said...

ok, i'm blogging about smells today.

heather said...

But I do.
Although Texas clay doesn't smell the same as good NJ dirt.
I prefer though the scent of cotton.
My absolute favorite smell in the entire world: the ocean.

Toni said...

OH yeah baby - bring on the dirt! I'm in!