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Friday, October 24, 2008

Solomon Summaries

Come back and tell me you signed up. I'm going to give away a stack of books to one winner Friday (Halloween!)

Product review: Solomon Summaries

...provides solutions for busy Christians who want to both maximize their limited time and increase their awareness of both current and classic Christian non-fiction books. This unique subscription summary service provides subscribers with a 10-page summary of a non-fiction book, a review of the book, and group discussion questions every week. These summaries are not intended to replace the content of the entire book but rather to provide a synopsis of the key points from the book. Solomon Summaries encourages dialogue, helps readers decide which books to buy and read, and tickles minds with new ideas and concepts that might warrant further exploration by the reader.

Solomon Summaries is an excellent resource for pastors and other church leaders who want to keep up with current Christian books their congregations are reading. Additionally, church leaders can utilize the summaries to help select books for use in small groups and Sunday Schools or to be added to their church libraries.

Authors who write for the Christian market will also find Solomon Summaries useful in keeping up current thinking and trends.

I was totally impressed with the first summary I received. The .pdf was easy on the eyes, the layout was more than impressive. It was uncluttered, and had more information than I expected.

Don't take my word for it (though you really should trust me) go find out for yourself.

Scroll down for the special offer!

And tell them I sent you.

Because you're reading about it here, you can subscribe to this awesome new service and

  • Get a free trial from now until Dec. 1. (That's like 6 free summaries!!) No obligations, just sign up for the free trial.
  • The first book you'll receive a summary for is Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis
  • Win prizes--You'll be entered into a drawing for a stack of books with your subscription.
  • Get a discount on the service if you sign up now (pay later) and tell them you came from my blog. It'll come out to somewhere around $8/month and that's far less than if you bought the book, not to mention that you'd probably never read that book because we're all far too busy to read every single book we want to read. (Without the discount, you're looking at $10/month. You could buy a few Starbucks with the leftovers money!)

Come back and tell me you signed up. I'm going to give away a stack of books to one winner next Friday (Halloween!)

1 comment:

heather said...

Thanks for letting others know about this! I think we figured out that you'd basically be paying less than $2 a summary, so hopefully that'll help people with book-buying decisions and save money (and keep up with everything).
So, are your stack of books scary? Horror?
You know, I realized something last night--Christians more than anyone else have a right to write horror because we understand more (I think) about evil and its origins and fallout (understand conceptually, not always experientially).