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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beware of Hockey Mom

I've been subscribed to Organized Doodles for about a month now. This is fabulous! (No matter which side you're on!)


Muthering Heights said...

LOL, that is very cute...

Rick said...

Michelle, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the doodle. Thank you for the link AND for being a subscriber!!

I'm a bit concern that the illustration appear to be a little blurry on your blog. I'm wondering if you clicked on the image and down loaded the larger size or not.

Still, I am happy for you to use it.

Jill Scott said...

This is pretty funny.

Thanks for stopping by my blog again and leaving another sweet comment. You are so nice.

I have to admit though, I'm the biggest procrastination queen around. I force myself to at least finish a few started but never finished projects each year. The rest I just pass along to someone else.

And yes, I'm SURE your husband gets his not putting things away from his mother. They always do. :)