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Monday, July 14, 2008


It's never too soon to find the perfect costume. Especially toddler costumes.

Zane's eight, he'll be nine by Halloween this year and really, where does the time go? I remember his first year, well, he was just a couple weeks old so we stayed home. But the next year, he didn't even wear a costume because he was totally afraid of them. We did go out trick or treating with a friend and I have some cute pictures in the scrapbook. The next year, would you believe he was sick and we stayed home? By year four, I'd pretty much given up on trick or treating. But that year was a good one. I think he was Sponge Bob. The fifth year he went with my friend Kimmie while I went to a conference. He's went with them for his sixth and seventh year as well.

So here we are. The toddler days are over and he was eight this past October. We had a Star Wars birthday party and he was a Jedi and we made his costume. Here's the party pictures.

Anyway, enjoy the cute toddler years. They don't last long.

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