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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I watched for the first time ever this past weekend:

  • Phil and I made 6 dozen authentic tamales (beef and pork mixed,) Puerto Rican rice, salsa fresca, salsa verde, and twelve loaves of old fashioned banana bread.
  • I drank two bottles of wine. The first was Riesling and the second was Sangria. Oh and I had a vanilla rum and diet Coke slushie that was fabulous!
Hope your weekend was just as good!
We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. We grilled, which was nice. Also fought a migraine and did work around the house, which wasn't as nice. But what can you do?

Robin said...

N i c e...

Me likey Riesling...not so much the Sangria.

I bet you were tons o' fun on top of everything.

But really...just now watching Indiana Jones??? Loved the first and last, HATED "Temple of Doom"!

Oh, yeah, was the bread to give away? Need my address???