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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Droopy Pants Law

Droopy Pants Law

Every state should pass and enforce this.


Chris said...

A law making it mandatory that all pants have MGM cartoon character Droopy on them somewhere. Excellent! Back pocket only? of can he appear further down the leg or patched over the knees?

But why only Droopy? Why not Top Cat or Magilla Gorilla? How about Hong Kong Phooey and Morocco Mole?

I think it's important for the youth of today to be cognizant of their cel-based animation heritage, but this might be casting the net a bit too shallowly.

Just my thoughts.

Malice Blackheart said...

I don’t really think droopy pants should fall under jurisdiction of law enforcement. Let the schools have their own dress codes, and maybe allow them to send people in offensive costumes home, but expulsion over a pair of slacks sounds downright psychotic.

Oh, and for cartoon characters on pants, we should throw Freakazoid into the mix. It’s often enough you see kids these days wearing their underwear over their pants.