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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Project Lifebook Part III

Part I
Part II

Lifebooks aren't just for adults. I didn't know that at first.

The kids were running around like banshees, ahem, nice little children when they realized the adults were having a pretty darn good time making something. All at once, a chorus of "I wanna make one. I wanna make one. I wanna make one," and "Oooh, can we make one?" rang out and I think my eardrums might have caved in a little bit. Or expanded. Or busted.

So I we got out some scrap fabric and found a "camoflaugy" one for Zane and pink puppy-ish flannel for the girls.

Zane's was made from a hardcover composition notebook I had stashed away from a clearance sale and the girls made theirs out of small three-ringed notebooks.

Do you want your own Lifebook? Email me!

People have inquired about purchasing their own Lifebook "kits" and if I have enough interest, I'll start marketing them! I had no idea other people would want them!

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Put me down for 5. Seriously. These would make killer gifts.

Donetta said...

I think these are adorable. Thanks for visiting.