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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blogger people, come hither. We need to talk. (Free Stuff for you)

I have this friend, Dan Keohane, you might have heard me talk about him before? He's a writer of horror (and he's good!)

He's a really good crit partner. He says things like, "This sentence would sound better as two." Then when I ignore him, he says, "I'm still kind of nit-picky about this one sentence? What do you think?" And when I ignore him some more, he says, "Are you sure you won't reconsider making this two sentences?" Then he gets sick of my stubbornness and throws things at me and gets out his bullhorn and yells things like "I've had jackasses less stubborn than you!!"

Okay, so he's never really had a jackass. Or a bullhorn. At least I don't think he has a bullhorn, but he might have bought one yesterday so he could yell at me.

Dan is a SEMI-FINALIST in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Contest!!

1. What you need to do is go here--wait not yet, listen to me first--go and download (for free) Dan's excerpt of Margaret's Ark, read it and review it.

2. Then grab the code for this button I made (this is the first one EVER!) and put it in your sidebar until I draw the winner.

3. Come back here and paste your review in the comments of this post as well as a link to your blog.

A "Top Reviewer" from Publisher's Weekly left a mighty fine review for Dan, so I'm sure you'll find the read enjoyable.

Is there something in it for you? Why of course. How could I bribe you without a bribe? Free Stuff for you!! I don't know what yet, I'm working on it, but it'll be good. I promise.

So go read the excerpt, write your review and then come back here and tell me in this thread which review is yours and at the end of the semi-finals (March 2). Oh and Amazon is giving stuff away when you do reviews, so you could win something better from them.

If for some reason you cannot leave a comment here, email me:

Grab the code:

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