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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Things I Meant to Blog About But Ran Out of Time, Energy, or Just Plain Forgot

I thought I might do something a little new. Maybe on Saturdays. Or Sundays. Or just when I feel like it.

I still have big news, not sure whether or not I can say yet, so I'll be keeping my happy little mouth shut until I know something for sure. You know this hurts right, this taming of the tongue?

I really kind of meant to blog about this stuff so here's a (maybe) new thing here. Things I Meant to Blog About But Ran Out of Time, Energy, or Just Plain Forgot

  • Dan Keohane, a writer friend who gives me awesome advice and pep talks, he's a headliner for this issue of Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest. The cool thing is I kinda helped with his story Ray Gun. I didn't do a whole lot, just read it over, told him how great it was in those fun little yellow comments on Word and sent it back. Extra bonus, Gary Braunbeck has a short story and interview in this issue as well.


  • Exercise advice often ignores jiggle factor (Exercise gurus don't take into consideration things like big boobs. Now they're paying to study it. They could have just paid me and I would have told them why girls like me don't run or do aerobics, I think I could have found great uses for their money.)

  • This is a very cool thing to do with your wine corks. Guess I'll have to give up my boxed wine, huh?

  • Remember these?


Robin said...

Me likey this new little pseudo-blogging category of yours--TIMTBABROOTEOJPF is kind of a long acronym, though (hehe).

What's your big news? Are you el-preggo? Writing The Great American Novel??

And Conjunction Junction? I STILL hum that stuff rocks (and so do you for posting those little throwbacks :) ).

(Crap...I'm just too doggone lazy to post the link to my typepad blog...pretty sure you know how to find me, though :) ).

Michelle Pendergrass said...


When I was in high school, we used to write: LGOLATTOLIS

Think music lyrics. John Cougar, before he was Mellencamp, I believe.

If I'm pregnant, I'm in big trouble considering Phil had the big V years ago!! I've been writing the great American novel--see other post re: Whisky Lilacs ;)

BUT, to me, the news is thrilling!! Probably a close third to being pregnant and writing my novel.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane :-) Nice way to start the morning.
Love ya!