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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Free Products

If you're anything like me you love getting stuff in the mail, well, good stuff. Not bills or icky junk mail. My favorite things to find in my mailbox are:

Letters and cards from friends--love this more than email!
Free Samples of Cool Stuff

This post falls into the Free Samples of Cool Stuff category. First are these super cool good smelling pencils or Smencils. Mine was citrus-y orange. LOVE it. It comes in a great tube to keep the scent fresh. Think neat, wacky and fun stocking stuffer.

(The screen is not really blue, it's black. Don't know why it came out like that?) Anyway, I took a picture of the next one because I was taking those sneak preview pictures of the Cowboy Christmas Tree--I sampled an Ambient Fire DVD Yeah, yeah. Sounds cheesy, I know...but honestly it's cool. You get to choose from 9 different fires. My favorite, I fell asleep on the couch listening to it last night after decorating that monstrous 12' tree Phil got for us, is the campfire. Great crackling fire, crickets, a hoot-owl, Heather, it was like camping on my couch. Add a campfire scented candle and you'd be set. Honestly, I loved it.

Other stuff on the fire DVD--music. Holiday, Jazz, and Acoustic Guitar, Piano Music or plain crackling fire.

I didn't get a sample of this Charging Station for Electronics but I want it. Hint. Hint.


Heather said...

Camping on the couch is a good thing! The outside with all the comforts of home.
As long as you can roast marshmallows...
And great job on the word count! So proud of you!

Jenny said...

I need to come back and crash on your couch again :-)

Jennifer Tiszai said...

I didn't get to see the fire DVD but the cowboy tree is awesome. And that tree is way huge. And heavy, and prickly. Can you tell I helped put it up? (I'm taller and have longer arms than Mich) It looks super cool, though. Not sure pictures will do it justice so you all will have to come over and see it. Like how I always invite people over to Mich's house?