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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thirteen Thursday

Thirteen Reasons I Miss Driving My Semi

1. I miss driving the graveyard shift because I always had a book on tape. I especially miss having the time to listen to completely unabridged Stephen King books (usually read by him.)

2. I miss waking up in a new place every day.

3. I miss experiencing the unique qualities of the different parts of America.

4. I miss taking character notes from the wierdos in the truck stops.

5. I miss homemade etoufeè from southern Louisiana.

6. I miss the Montana Big Sky.

7. I especially miss seeing the mountains.

8. I miss the time Phil and I spent together, it is so hard to live life now without him near me all day every day.

9. I miss the wide openness of Texas.

10. I miss getting to stop at places to be a tourist.

12. I miss the driving.

13. I miss talking on the CB.


amy said...

My FIL drives trucks and he would love this..Neat list!

Robyn Mills said...

You make me homesick for the life of a semi driver. I hope you took pictures to look at from time to time. Great post

Bubba said...

I've always thought about being an OTR driver..I thought it looked like fun to travel that much.

Happy TT!

Mz Jackson said...

I'll bet it is hard to stay settled when you're used to seeing the world!
That snake pic under your post freaked me out a little~we've got poisonous ones by the droves around here and I'm always on the lookout!

Jeannine said...

Sounds like you have given up something very important to you...