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Saturday, May 26, 2007

New PayPerPost Direct

PayPerPost just stepped it up a notch! I've signed on with other companies and honestly I'm most impressed with these guys, they're continually pushing forward with innovative ideas and the money I've made has been good. I admit, I wasn’t seeing much change and I haven’t posted many opportunities in the last month or so, but I’m glad I’m still with them. Starting a business is a hard job, let alone starting a business that’s never been done before.

They've released their newest baby "PayPerPost Direct" which basically allows an advertiser to contact the blogger to work out special deals. The advertiser would offer me an assignment and a price and if I thought it was too low, I could ask for more. What a great idea! I can see how this would make money.

The competitors that I've signed on with can't keep up with PayPerPost. They're not offering enough opportunities, they're keeping too much of the money, and they're not working the business as professionally as PPP. I don't know why I keep signing on with the other guys, they're just not consistent.

I should probably just stop trying to find another company out there doing things as well as PayPerPost. The improvements they keep rolling out prove that they’re leading the industry.

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Tag your it! LOL! Just wanted to reach out and touch a fellow blogger. Very nice blog.