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Friday, March 23, 2007

PayPerPost Rumors

They've got something up their proverbial sleeve and have left creative sorts like me to dream up what it is they're planning.

They've already made trips to cities with scavenger hunts, they've offered free cameras and goodies (I won, remember?) They're doing Rock Star Start Up. Oh and then there was the puzzle piece hunt people had to do of me and the wacky pictures I took with the free HP camera. Talk about a way to increase site traffic! Sure did it for me!!

So in the next few weeks, PayPerPost is announcing something...what? I have no clue. Minks for a members? More high paying opportunities? I know, free computers for those of us who write exceptionally creative ads?

Maybe they're having talks with the big wigs at Coca-Cola and Pepsi and heated negotiations are taking place as to which will sponsor the next big promotion. Well, it might be better if the PC guys were fighting the Mac guys. I'd take a free Mac.

They could be announcing that everyone who dyes their hair green and posts a picture will get $1,000 from Kelly Tires.

Or that Jack Daniels is sponsoring a virtual cook-off.

Maybe Breyers will give away free ice cream for a year. Or better yet, Hershey's will give away chocolate for ad space on my blog. Oh yeah!

I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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