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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Super Bowl Sucks

I just read this article and it really makes me not want to watch the Super Bowl.

INDIANAPOLIS (BP)--The National Football League has told a Southern Baptist church in Indianapolis it will run afoul of federal copyright law if it hosts a Super Bowl party this Sunday, even though the league makes a major exception for such large-scale viewings at sports bars.

This church was holding a family friendly event and the NFL is making them cancel it.

NFL you suck.


chrisd said...

Isn't that something? I read the article at Sports

I'm furious.

Apparently the church is charging people--but are they charging for catering?

If they charge the churches, they better start charging the bars and taverns.

I wonder if this is more about sponsorship (beer advertisers).

It spoiled it for me.

Madison Richards said...

I'm still going to the superbowl party at my church and unless the NFL police want to shut down every Costco, Best Buy and Circuit City in the country there's no way they can keep it from being broadcast on every big screen tv in those stores on game day...

How utterly ridiculous...

Jenny said...

Wanted to cheer on my Colts (you can take the girl out of Indiana but not the Hoosier out of the girl) Now I'm thinking of skipping the game altogether. Stupid NFL.

Abundant blessings,

Mary said...

I saw this too...incredible. And the one superbowl in which a church might want to really root for the two Christian coaches...
It is very sad.

Madison Richards said...

Hey! Did blogger load some new templates? This is beautiful.. ..very clean!

How've you been since superbowl??