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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is in memory of Allison Grace Jacobs April 29, 2002 - August 13, 2002 precious daughter of my friend Alexis.

2500 children will die from heart defects today.
Please help us spread the word about 'A Day For Hearts'


Display a CHD Awareness banner proudly on your website

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Your help is needed
And that’s not all,
we need awareness,
for the little and small.

We need your help,
to spread the word ...
of congenital heart defects,
for little have heard!

This is a deadly defect,
affecting many that are born,
turning lives upside down ..
leaving dreams shattered and torn.

Congenital heart defects,
known as CHD's,
are the #1 birth defect,
but a hidden disease.

Doses of medicine,
many times each day,
a little child,
that can't run or play,
his little heart,
can't take the stress,
his little body
just needs to rest.

A little baby
that struggles to eat,
with tiny blue lips,
and hands, and feet.

A mother stands by
her baby's grave,
praying through research,
others will be saved!

Written by Angela Brooks
June 2002

This February, American Heart Month, please help to honor and
remember all those lost to a congenital heart defect by forwarding
this message on to everyone in your address book. Nothing great will
happen if you forward this to 10 people, and you will not have bad
luck forever if you decide to delete it. However, by forwarding this
on to everyone you know, you will bring a smile to the faces of the
estimated 4,000 babies in heaven that die EACH YEAR from a congenital
heart defect and their families who miss them and love them dearly.
Please visit to see what else you can do to
help those born with the most common birth defect and #1 cause of
birth defect related deaths.

Below are just a few names of those lost to a heart
defect. In this message, they are simply names in a message that
carry with them a sad story. However, to the families that lost
them ... each of these names represent a child lost, a mother's
empty arms, and a father's grieving heart for the child that was ...

40,000 babies are born each year with a heart defect, 1 in 10 of those are born with a fatal defect, what if that "1" was yours?

Allison Grace Jacobs 4/29/02 - 8/13/02
Zachary Wayne Brooks 6/2/99 ~ 11/30/99
Ella Josette Mangold 05/05/05 - 05/08/05
Zev Samuel Pazo 1/25/06 - 5/18/06
Ethan Rey Martin 4/13/06 ~ 5/5/06
Severin Grant Brenny 9/23/02 - 7/17/04
Julian Christopher David Nov. 29, 2001 - May 20, 2006
Zachary George Metivier 5/27/05 - 10/17/06
Colin Samuel Brown 3/26/01 - 3/30/06
Corbin Marc Grabb 7-20-2004 - 6-29-2006
Mari Kathryn Moreland( Kaytee) 8-22-94 - 8-27-94
Joseph Scott Moreland 3-23-95 - 3-23-95
Charles Christopher Smith 11/30/06 - 12/04/06
Zoë Richardson 7-20-1999 - 9-5-2004
Alexander Joseph Kaplan 9/9/04 - 1/12/05
Mercedes Margaret Kincaid 08/02/2006-08/14/06
Jacob Abregana-Reyes 12.19.05-6.3.06
Chase Conway Jaeger 6/2/05-11/30/06
Emily Grace Taylor 6/4/01 ~ 7/24/01
Ashley Makayla Knight 12/9/04-6/22/06
Karen L. McNulty 9/25/73 ~ 8/31/05
Jake Richard Witt 10/15/02 ~ 3/30/03
Darius John Ellis 4/7/2005 ~ 9/3/2005
Samuel Jason Bocanegra 7/9/04 ~ 11/6/04
Jason Schweinberg 6/27/84 ~ 8/9/01
Cooper Walker Burchett 10/27/2006 - 10/29/2006
Justin Lee Shelnutt 2/25/01 - 5/16/01
David Binko Forever in my heart 9-27-2002 to 7-11-2006
Jessica Freed 5/25/81- 11/02/04
Timothy William Cole 10-11-94 to 6-15-95
Anthony Patrick Crawford4/24/2001~4/25/2001
Zoë Richardson 7-20-1999 to 9-5-2004
Colin Samuel Brown
Wyatt Johnathan Darrin Prince 11-13-97 04-11-98
Alexander Mercado 12/15/02 - 01/06/03
Audrey RosaLee Haugen 06/06/05 - 08/25/05
Lydia Ann Lawrence 10/5/05 ~ 10/5/05
Jessica K Freed 05/25/81 - 11/02/2004
Dominic John Berkowitz 11/05/06 ~ 11/14/06

In memory of all these precious children plus thousands of others and with hope for the 40,000 babies born each year with a heart before, please forward this on to everyone in your address book. We need to raise awareness of this deadly defect so babies will stop dieing from a broken heart!

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Awww Michelle. Thank you ((hugs))