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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cell Phones

Cell phones, everyone has 'em. Mine's old, used and about lived its life. When we entered into our contract, we each paid $20 for our phones and they certainly weren't top of the line, but they were phones and they've done us well. I broke mine and replaced it with a used one from Ebay and then Phil dropped his on a job and now its buried under Interstate 80/94.

It's sometimes hard to know what the best deal is. I kind of wish I would have seen this site before we renewed our contract. I'm really not happy with my used phone, not because it's not sparkly and glittery with all the bells and whistles, but mainly because it's is used and the battery isn't reliable no matter how much I charge it. Because of that, I get poor reception and bad signal. It would be nice to have a dependable phone since we ditched the land line for cell phones.

Wirefly, the sponsor of this post, offers free cell phone--top of the line--with new contracts, that's what I saw when perusing their website. I don't think we qualify for that, but you might and I'd love to have one of those nice, new, fancy phones.

I looked at the site before I took the opportunity to post about it, I do that with all of the sponsored posts I write, and it seems they offer contracts from all of the major wireless carriers. I'm not sure how exactly it works, I figured it isn't my time to enter into a new contract since Phil just renewed our other one, so browse the site and see if it appeals to you.

I noticed they have different service plans, family plans, ringtones, assessories, and they even have the pre-paid phones available.

Hopefully, when we're ready for a new contract, we'll have a place like this we can go to with all the options and information all at our fingertips.

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