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Friday, January 26, 2007

While I was away


I went away for a few days and tons of stuff happens. It's almost 2:30am so I'm in no shape to give you details right now, we'll see how I feel after a pot of coffee in the morning.

Even PayPerPost surprised me! Check it out

They asked me for some pictures taken with the new HP camera I won, I had no clue they were using me as a puzzle. I might have sent different pictures had I known. Meh. You only live once, right? I guess if you find all the puzzle pieces you win $1000. Cool, eh?

I've got somewhere around 300 pictures to share from our Chicago trip. The Jeremy Camp concert was fabulous! I just don't have the energy. I'm getting old. I promise, I'll write more in the morning!

(Ok, don't hold me to the morning thing. I might just sleep in)


Alexis Jacobs said...

I would have died if PPP did that to me. I hope everything is okay ((hugs))

Jenny said...

That is way too cool, Mich! And the pictures are just fine, don't worry about it. What a kick to see them--nice lay-out BTW. And the link to your blog's not a bad thing either. Hope you got some sleep and are back in the swing of things. Catch ya later!
Abundant blessings,

Google Bot Unwanted said...

Nice pics. and Since I'm not in the Puzzle Game, i've left all whatever pieces I found on PPP for others to hunt.

And don't get me wrong if any of my crusty pun gets to you, 2hr daily sleep + lots of gatorade and Espresso Frapacino does that to you.

Azrin @