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Monday, January 29, 2007


Do you watch soaps? I'll be honest, the last time I can remember watching a soap, Luke was marrying Laura and Blackie was in all of my Teen Beat magazines. There was also Rick Springfield, but I don't really remember his character's name. My grandma still watches General Hospital and I found out Luke and Laura are back, eh? No kidding.

I have friends who watch the one soap, y'know the one? They talk to themselves a LOT on this one. Let me see, I think it's Days of Our Lives. I'm sorry. I stayed with her a week and couldn't stand to watch one more minute of that show!

I just don't get into these shows, however if you are a fan of a Soap Opera, check out this site. It looks informative and user friendly.

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Anonymous said...

Rick springfield is back to his characters name is Dr. Drake . I'm not working anymore because i am disabled so alas I'm hooked right back on it.