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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Accept by Phone

I think a lot of people online are small business owners with small business merchant accounts so I took this PayPerPost opportunity because it seems this information could possibly benefit some of those with their own businesses, but I was thinking it might also be of use to some of us starving artists.

Accept-by-Phone allows you to dial an 800 number, enter a password, the payment amount and then processes your payment in seconds. It seems to me that could really save the hassle of having a terminal or other equipment to operate. Other benefits include no hidden charges and no cancellation fees, as well as clearly defined prices. You don't have to have a monthly minimum to use this service, nor do you have to maintain any kind of minimum to keep your account active. And, just in case you score a big one and your mom wants to purchase in excess of $10,000 worth of your books, she can with Accept by Phone! This service seems to be a fit for today's professional that needs to accept credit cards but doesn't want the excess baggage that normally comes with the deal.

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