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Friday, December 29, 2006

Postie Patrol--Chicago Style

Heather said I was a closet Reality TV junkie. Maybe. Maybe not. I posted about "more reality TV" a little bit ago and I said I wasn't real sure about this gig. I just watched their first "Postie Patrol" and it was cool. The lady was in Chicago (they were so close and didn't come see me?!) She had to go on a little scavenger hunt. She had a chance to win $1000 cash and a bunch of digital photo printing goodies. I was skeptical (as always) but I watched the video and found myself laughing and thinking, "I can do that!"

Would I like a chance to win an HP booty? Bring it on!!

Here's the video. Maybe you'll be watching me soon?

I'm happy to let you know this post was brought to you by HP.

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