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Friday, December 29, 2006

PayPerPost acquires Performancing

This may not mean a whole lot to you unless you've been considering this whole blog advertising deal, however, it does mean something to me, even if it is only a little bit. When I was researching using my blog as an advertising tool, I was a little skeptical. Ok. A lot skeptical. I've signed up with a couple of companies and am absolutely thrilled with PayPerPost.

I broke the hundred dollar mark awhile ago. I bought the premier copy of Relief Journal, four Vsmile games for my nephews, a pair of cowboy boots from Ebay for Zane and with the money that's going to be deposited in my PayPal account in the next fifteen days, I'm purchasing the membership kit for Dave Ramey's Financial Peace University.

What's this got to do with PayPerPost aquiring Performancing? I signed up with Performancing when I started, but it wasn't clear and was not user-friendly. I'm guessing the acquistion will mean more opportunities as well as a bigger platform? That's what I'm hoping anyway. PayPerPost has been the most lucrative venture, and really, I like it. I haven't been choosing every opportunity because that's just me. I wanted to blog about things that interest me. I like being able to tell you about stuff while still making a couple of bucks. Suits me fine while I'm waiting for my articles to sell.

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