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Monday, October 23, 2006

I just don't do it. How do you find the time?

I just don't watch TV or many movies.

My friends keep telling me I HAVE to see these movies.

Star Wars (all bazillion of them)
Pulp Fiction

I know there's more. I'm sure there is. But I just don't have time for movies or TV. How in the world do you guys do it? I can barely keep my house clean, dinners made, get the homeschooling done, read, write, and the phone...Mercy! Pay the bills, keep up with family and friends, get a little teeny tiny bit of quiet time for myself, the list is never-ending.


Heather said...

Answer: I don't have kids.
I barely keep the house clean. So, I work, I write, I read, I make dinner most of the time (although not all of the time - and, do sandwiches count? what if i call them italian sandwiches and heat them in the toaster oven?), and, I get to watch movies. Voila.

Jenny said...

First off, you will not see any movies but kid friendly ones until your little guy gets much older. That's the way it goes. One of the rules of the universe--sorry don't write'm, just speading' the news.
Second, even once he is older, some things just have to go. Cleaning house? What is that? And as for cooking, if I have to cook, then someone else is doing the dishes. They (the dishes, et al)can pile up in the sink for all I care. There is a limit. I still don't see very many movies--maybe 3-5 per year and if I'm lucky, one in the theatre per year. And that's from an empty-nester who only cleans when I can pay for it. Life is just so busy. I'm with you, how do others do it?

Abundant blessings,