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Monday, October 16, 2006

FUN!!! Carve your own pumpkin online

How much more fun can one get in a day??

Carve your pumpkin here.

I just love stuff like this. Don't forget to click on the little light on the right to make the candlelight flicker!

(I can't find the candle either.)

Post a link to your pumpkin, I might have a prize for one of you.


Edit to add: Chris Mikesell--you rock!!! Your pumpkin so totally caught me off guard I think I'll probably be laughing about it for days!!


Heather said...

I may be an internet addict, but some things, I like the old fashioned way. Chris and I bought our pumpkins Sunday to carve. You can't get roasted pumpkin seeds from internet carvings!

Chris said...

Thanks for posting the link, Michelle. I sent that e-card off and then couldn't get back to the "your pumpkin is at URL" screen.

And then I had no way of posting a link in the comments to be a winner of a fabulous prize.

So, thanks! (and if the prize is a dozen donuts, apple-cider or otherwise, feel free to keep a couple for yourself)

Heather said...

About the writer...interrupted carnival. I really, really, really want to participate (mother, may I?), but I need to be honest. I looked up the guidelines, and I do not adhere to all of the Assemblies of God statement. Namely, I do not believe in a second baptism of the Holy Spirit. I believe Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit at conversion. What should I do?

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Ok, here's what it says:

For those of you writing on FAITH, I want to be in agreement and of a like mind and spirit. You must agree to one of these statements/tenents if your post contains any faith element.

We were all given topics to post about on certain days of the week. Mondays are a "Menagerie," Tuesdays are writing related, Wednesdays are "Works for Me," Thursdays are Homschooling, Fridays are Family, Saturdays are anything goes, Sundays are "Sabbath Sundays"

It is my understanding that you must agree with one of those statements of faith. Although I've never seen it done this way, I agree with the first and like you, I do not believe in a second batism fo the Holy Spirit. I believe that we are filled with the Holy Spirit at conversion.

So I've been participating because I am comfortable agreeing with the first statement of faith.

If I'm wrong, I hope someone will point it out to me.