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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Week 2 at Writers...Inturrupted

Today's post is talks about husbands praising their wives. Here's the link.

A couple people have asked for an explanation to the Abducted post.

We have been down to one vehicle for about a month now. Phil gets up around 4am to make his hour and a half drive to work and then gets home about 8-9pm. Zane and I have been stuck here, which really, isn't a huge deal to me. I love our yard and our house and its been nice to not have to be anywhere. With one exception; I haven't got to spend any time with my friends.

One of my best friends, Kimmie, and I have been visiting 1-2 times a week for close to a year. Sarah, her daughter, and Zane are best buddies and they act like a little old married couple. Sarah was distraught and thought she'd never get to see Zane again. Zane was making her beautiful butterfly cards asking when he'd see her again.

So, I got the email from our "abductor" It was her birthday weekend and she informed me that I was being taken away! So we got ready and she picked us up and we went for a wonderful dinner at Sand Creek Country Club We had a great time. Sarah and Zane were very upset they had to part company, but we reassured them they'd see each other again. Now they're looking forward to when I go to Dallas for the ACFW conference and Zane gets to stay over with his best friend!

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