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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Teaser. Just a little snipit of the story

His body slumped over in the passenger seat and she really didn’t care.

She reached for the radio knowing which CD she’d left in. She wasn’t that drunk, he was. Bastard. Drunk again. She didn’t want to go, but didn’t want him to go alone. Jealous. I’m jealous that he might find someone else. She startled herself when she laughed out loud. When did it get this bad? She couldn’t even keep count of how many he had. She knew she had more than she’d intended, but she couldn’t help finishing off another one with him all over that tramp. Bar fly. He’s got me and he wants a tramp. And I’m so screwed in the head that I get jealous. Fine breed I am, for sure.

“Dammit,” she said.

She switched the windshield wipers on high. It had rained every day since she got there but this was, by far, the worst she’d seen. Not to mention that she still wasn’t familiar with the roads. I should have left him in the ditch.


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

That’s a gripping teaser!

Rulan said...

Now that's a tease. Where's the rest of it? lol I want to know more.

You got my story mind dreaming up all sorts of things to write from that scene onwards. he he

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Well, maybe I'll post ONE more scene. ;)