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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Ever heard of DISC personality profiles?

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This one is called a DISCernment test
You can take yours here if you'd like.  I've taken a couple in the past.  This is the first one that marries the personality profile with your spiritual gift profile and meshes in your passion to give you a great view of how God made you.

I wasn't surprised with my personality profile.  I also knew my spiritual gifts.  The part that I'm struggling with is the section that tells me how to control my behavior and gives me the Scriptures to back it up.  Whew.  Tough to look in a mirror.  Tougher still to be told by God that you need to be humbled. 

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The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

I’ve not seen this one before, but it sounds interesting. Anything that can help us to see ourselves more clearly is worth the time and effort.

This one reminds me of some of the tests I used to give in pre-marital counseling. It can be eye opening to see our spouses through new lenses.

God bless you, my sister.