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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Back from Nashville

What a great time I had in Nashville. And better than just enjoying myself, God once again proved Himself faithful. It's a LONG story and I can't do it justice by giving a short version. Let's just say that Chapter 2 is beginning with a bang.

I stand in awe of the ways in which God works and if Chapter 2 is starting with a bang, I'm a little concerned with what the following chapters will hold. God is good. I can do none of it without Him and I don't intend on trying.

Hope everyone is well. I missed writing here. I couldn't log on at the hotel because their computer was down.

Oh, romance books came in. I'll be starting those promptly. Romance Novel Challenge

1 comment:

Becca said...

Welcome back!

I have a recommendation for your Romance Novel Challenge: Katie MacAlister's "The Corset Diaries." I just read it and loved it! It's about the filming of a reality show where the participants agree to pretend they are living in Victorian times. Katie's great at adding many humourous lines and situations so there's no plodding-through-a-ho-hum-romance feeling as I read.

Have a great day!